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What IS Miranda Lambert thinking?

We played the word game with Miranda Lambert! Here's the rules: We name a word, and she must give us her immediate reaction. Special thanks to Bev Lambert for giving a hand! 

1.Grammys: Beyonce! 

Why? Along with every other person in the music industry she is always there and it's such an honor to be included in that group of people. Even more amazing to win one! 

2.Taylor Swift:songwriter

Why?She is a great writer and has such a talent for saying exactly what she's going through at the time. So many people can relate to that. 

3,Blake Shelton's album Based On A True Story:

Why? It's a platinum selling album and it deserves to be! 


Why? I love them for everybody else but we aren't ready yet. We waited 7 years to get married so I guess you could say we are slow movers. 

5,Twitter: Millions

Why? That is the number of people I can reach with just one tweet. I love that! 

6,Dogs: Loyal

Why? I could say a million things about dogs but what I love the best is that they are loyal. They love you no matter what. 

7,Pistol Annies: Real

Why? That's the kind of music we write and perform. REAL! 


Why? That's where my mind goes when I think of the word home. Texas is home too but OK is my newly adopted one. 

9,Your wedding day: Perfect

Why? It was perfect in every way! 

10,The Voice:Talent

Why? The Voice gave new meaning to talent competition. Because the judges can see the singers they are chosen solely on their voice. 

11, the song Over You by yourself: Blake

Why? I think of Blake and his family every night when I sing it. Because I wrote it with him and its a tribute to his brother. 

12, Being homeless;Lessons

Why? I learned a lot of life lessons during that time. Things that are still with me today. 


Why? He gave me the one I love the most on our engagement day! 

14, Family :Trust

Why? My family members (including Blake) are the people I trust the most in this world. 

15, Wine :Good

Why? It is! 

16, Horse Beauty

Why?i think they are one of the most beautiful animals that God ever created. 

17, Maths :No

Why? I'm terrible at it. 

18, inspiration :Everywhere

Why? When you are a songwriter it comes from everything and everywhere. 

19, first dance :Jr. High 
Why? That's when I went to my first one. 

20, Touring the world :amazing 

Why? It's so cool to see all of the different cultures and all of the different foods. The great thing is that music brings all kinds of kinds together. 

Crystal LOVES HER DOGS-But is it overload?

Hi, I'm Crystal Lee Xin Qiao. I love my dog, Xiao Bai ALOT, in fact, I told AGM all the crazy things I do with him! 

1) I treat Xiao Bai as my own family member.
2) I sleep with xiao bai we shard the same bed.
3) I eat with xiao bai we share the same food.
4) I go to school with her every morning.
5) I go vocal class with xiao bai.
6) jealous mummy love xiao bai more than me (sometime)
7) xiao bai also go publishsities with me every possible time.
8) xiao bai will protect me whenever mummy scold me。 xiao bai will give her hand to mummy i.e like apologise for me..
9) Xiao bai also go to restaurant which owner allowed. Restaurant where we know only.
10) Xiao Bai is also my alarm whenever i cant get up for school.

Sereni and Shentel-SPILLING SECRETS!

Questions and Answers;


1) Your story? 


Sereni & Shentel headbands are handmade headbands made in Borneo by a team of artisans with a love for head turning and whimsical hair accessories. The headbands range from hand stitched bejeweled pieces to pearl encrusted bridal tiaras to demure Lolita-esque bows.


Sereni & Shentel is all about decoration without explanation. It is about having fun and a laugh with your look and injecting individuality into any fashion situation. The pieces are conversation starters, they are not dull or discreet. Eye catching, memorable and mad with a bit of humour is what the label is all about.


We have a wide range of headbands for adults, children and babies for any occasion ranging from Hen’s Veils for the bride-to-be, rhinestone encrusted party hats for the birthday girl to elaborate yet comfortable baby bands for baptisms.


We also offer custom headbands and have a UNIQUE interactive online application that allows customers to customize their headbands based on our popular Blair and Block Party styles.


Sereni & Shentel was founded by best friends Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee in 2009. Shentel is a graphic designer and Sereni is a Mall Manager with a Property Management company. They are a perfect marriage of creativity and practicality.


The brand was founded in 2009, spurred on by a wardrobe crisis. Excited to be attending a Lady Gaga concert in Singapore in October 2009, Sereni and Shentel thought it was only fitting to make an effort to dress up a little out of the ordinary - an homage to the Lady herself.


The girls jumped online in search of appropriate headgear and found Gaga-esque moulded hair bow headbands to wear to the concert.


When the parcel arrived and the girls excitedly plucked them out of the box, they discovered that the headbands were so poorly constructed that they literally fell apart within minutes. Devastated and only hours to go before they had to depart, they decided to salvage the situation and create their own version of the Gaga bow using ribbon and rhinestones.


They arrived like true fans decked in their DIY Gaga t-shirts and matching headgear ready to party. It turned out that Lady Gaga was not the only one drawing attention that night. Sereni and Shentel soon found themselves surrounded with fans of their own. Like true devotees swamped around the memorabilia stand wanting to take a little piece of the night home with them, concert goers found themselves drawn to the girls wanting to know where they could buy the headbands. The headbands attracted so much attention that a picture of Shentel wearing the headband appeared in the Singapore newspapers the next morning. From the encouraging response, the girls made headbands for Sereni to wear to a regional magazine shoot and cheekily created the brand Sereni & Shentel and an online store just for fun. Little did they know that this would create the revival of a headband trend in Malaysia as local media picked up on the brand. After numerous features in magazines and Malaysian television, the two accidental headband designers decided to start up a legit business to cope with the overwhelming demand.


In less than two years, they shot to fame with their brand as well as themselves appearing in various publications in both Malaysia and abroad. The brand has collaborated with Lancome, Miss Universe Malaysia, Dude & Duchess, Geboo, Gin & Jacqie and many more. Sereni & Shentel headbands have also appeared on popular US hit TV shows GOSSIP GIRL and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.


Today, they are both still pursuing their intended professions, as well as their accidental one as headband designers.


2) Message to fans?

Be seen or go home!


3) Personal favorite headbands? (Send pic)

We love all our designs but our first love has got to be the first headband we made which is the Kuching Cat.


4) Celeb crushes?

Shentel loves Elton John and Sereni loves Fabio.


5) Will Sereni and Shentel brand be available overseas?

The brand is now available in stores in Brunei, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand. Alternatively customers are able to order on our online store and we ship all over the world.


6) Is it hard making a headband? Tell us the process. 

We design new headbands every week. Some make it into production and some don’t! After a prototype is made, a mini fashion show happens at the workshop to gauge the look and comfort of the design. Each piece is then sent to production to hand stitch.


7) Your original profession before this? 

Sereni is a shopping mall manager and Shentel a graphic designer. We still keep our current jobs and run Sereni & Shentel and Photobooth Events concurrently.


8) Did you take lessons to make headbands when you were young? If not how did you learnt to make headbands? Any inspirations? 

We have always been into arts and crafts and love fashion with a passion. We taught ourselves how to make headbands by trial and error. We now have a method that works for our artisans in the workshop.


9) How long did it take to make your FIRST headband.

Probably an hour!


10) Where did you get the fabrics? Why does it cost that much? More headbands in future?

Our materials come from all over the world and are shipped to our workshop in Kuching. Each headband is then hand stitched and the process is very labour intensive. A lot of hard work and love are put into every piece that leaves our workshop.


11) Do you personally teach each an every worker at your shop to make headband?

We have a head of production that trains each artisan. We have a team of artisans that make the headbands. Initial training came from us when we first started the workshop. Today we have a system that improves and increases production.


12) Why this name Sereni and Shentel? Not something else?

We fell into the business accidently and cheekily named our brand after ourselves just for fun. The name stuck and we wanted the branding to be consistent so it remained when we started the company.


13) If there's one celeb you can ask to wear Sereni&Shentel headbands, who would it be? And why?

Elton John as he is known for his flamboyant stage outfits!


14) Personal advice to fans

Always love what you do and be original!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Cody Simpson tells all-CoGi, JB and his Paradise Tour!

Here are the topics we gave Cody-look at his answer below! 

1a Does your love for Gigi effects your love for fans? 

2a Fans have been asking about the rumor. Why didn't you say anything? 

3a What reaction do you hope you get from your fans? 
Paradise Tour
1b New music coming soon? More rap from you? 

2b Tours soon? Coming to Asia? 

3b Duets? (Gee, we hope so!) 
Dilyn told us info about your turtle, so we decided to talk to you about your friend, JB.

Justin Bieber
1. Ever going to get a tattoo, go to clubs and be a "bad boy" like Justin? 

2. Justin in "real life"? How is he like? Ever tried advising him? 

3. What's your opinion to celebs who do drugs? (You'll never Do that we hope)

4. What do you think about Jelena (Selena and Justin)? 

1a) Of course not, nothing could effect my love for my fans, ever.
2a) I didn't want to cause any uproar in hate for Gigi.
3a) I don't think much is going to happen between us, but if it did, I'd want my fans to accept us, and not treat any of us different.
1b) Yes, I have lots planned and big things for early 2014. I hope to do lots more rap, it's really fun and I love positivity about it, from you guys.
2b) not my "own personal" tour, but yes.
3b) no duets planned but I hope to work with a few artists in the near future.
1) I don't ever want to get hate for being a "bad boy", so I'm not sure about that, but I can only control the present. And, I can't say I haven't thought of tattoos before, because I have, but I wouldn't cover my body in ink.
2) He's actually a great person. I wouldn't think I'd have to advise him.He does a lot of good, but most people only focus on the bad.
3) It's their own choice, I guess. People freak out when they hear about a celebrity doing drugs, but couldn't care less when they're own family member does it. But, I truly do respect people who decide to get help, before things get out of hand. I'm not saying I support drugs, though. I would most definitely never try them.
4) I don't think much of it. Couples don't really effect me. I know they aren't currently together, but both are great, positive people who deserve happiness, weather or not it includes each other.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Duncan Kamakana from The Voice answers our questions-EXCLUSIVE!

AG: Before you chose to be an artiste, did you have other dreams?

Yes when I was a kid my real dream was to be a professional athlete.  I grew up playing basketball, football, and soccer.  If I could have been anything in the world I would've been an NBA basketball player.

AG: When was your first record? Did you started singing when you was a
kid? And did singing come naturally for you?

I recorded my first song in a studio back in 2009 I believe.  I was working with a record label based out of Detroit Michigan and recorded a few singles with them.  I have been singing as long as I can remember but I wouldn't say that it came all that naturally.  It was something that I worked at for a long time.  I spent many nights playing guitar and singing by myself before I ever had the courage to get out and sing for other people.

AG: Why did you choose "The Voice" to audition? Now you have went
home, are you going to try out other shows?

Basically I was given an opportunity to fly out to LA and have a private audition with the producers of the show.  Because they had given me a chance to skip some of the larger preliminary auditions it would have been a hard opportunity to turn down.  I was never all that interested in doing a TV singing competition though, for me music has always been a passion, and the idea of competing in it wasn't all that appealing.  In music though you have to take the opportunities as they arise, so I can't count out doing something like this again in the future.

AG: If three coaches except Adam turn around for you, who would be your 2nd
choice? And why? Are you happy Adam picked you?

I honestly really wanted to work with Blake Shelton.  I grew up listening to Adam and Usher so those were obviously two people that I wanted to work with, but I thought Blake would have been a great coach for me.  He also seems like a great guy to be around.

AG:Can you give us a sneak peek of your next song? What is it about?
And how do you write songs? Is it that easy?

I'm working on an album now so there are a couple songs I'm working on at the moment.  A lot of my songs are about relationships that I've had.  The song writing process can be hard at times, especially when you try to force it.  Other times though songs seem to write themselves.  Everything I write is very meaningful to me because each individual song generally represents a moment in my life where I really feel like I had something to say.   

AG: Who is your inspiration and why? what is your genre? Why did you
picked that genre?

My biggest inspiration is my father.  He was a professional musician for many many years in Hawaii.  I like to think my style as a musician is greatly influenced by him.  I would say my style is Singer/Songwriter which is pretty vague but it represent a lot of different influences.

AG: what is it like to have fans? Do you feel frustrated when they ask
autographs from you everywhere?

Having people appreciate what you do as an artist is the most amazing feeling.  I've been performing for nearly a decade, but I've never had much of a fan base before this.  I love interacting with my fans and feel honored when they come up to me and ask for autographs or pictures.

AG: Is there anything you would love to say to your fans?

I am just extremely humbled and appreciative of all of my fans.  You may never know how much you all mean to me, but you are the reason I'm giving this everything I've got.

AG:How is it like to be a star? Like managing your social media stuff
while concentrating on your career? Does that mean limited time with
your family?

Managing the social media has been the biggest change in my life since I appeared on "The Voice."  I spend a lot of time everyday responding to fans.  A lot of times people ask if it's really me responding them, and I'm like "who else would it be?"  I think its important to interact with the people that support your music.

AG:Did the show increased your popularity? Was it hard for you to stay
like a normal person? Did you still get to hang out with your same
friends? And was there times you felt like giving up?

The show has definitely been huge for my career as far as popularity.  I don't think its changed me as a person though.  I still live a normal life, still hang out with the same friends, and still do the same things I did before the show.  This show has been nothing but positive for me, it just re-enforces the fact that this is what I should be doing

AG: Besides singing, do you play other instruments? Was your family
interested in music too?

I pretty much just play Guitar, I do play a little Ukulele as well, but not much.  Like I said before my Dad was a long time musician, so music was always around when I was growing up

AG:Do you still keep in contact with Adam? What are your future plans
in your career? He did not picked you to go to the "lives", but do you
still want to make him proud?

I have not been in contact with Adam since the show, but yes I would still like to make him proud by continuing to pursue a successful musical career.

AG:It's amazing to see a new star hatched out of its shell! How do you
plan to be as famous as those celebs in hollywood? Are you currently
in LA now?

I'm now back in Hawaii.  To be honest being famous was never really on my to-do list, but I've taken this all in stride.  I just want to keep making music, and hopefully people continue to enjoy what I do! 

Vote for Danielle, Holly and The Swon Brothers! #TeamBlake

Please vote for Danielle, Holly and The Swon Brothers! It would mean a lot to us-and them! Thanks very much for your support, Wowzer-106 likes already! Be sure to check our to vote! We love y'all! 

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"SSPCA Living A Dream" project

Our new member, Clarina Jong Jing , Adeline and Christine are heading to SSPCA for a day, These girls will get to go behind the scenes and experience what a volunteer does there. "SSPCA Living A Dream" project's photos will be posted on our FB page, LIVE. South East Asia time 1:30pm, 30/3. Be sure to stay tuned!